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Beat Up Waiter

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The worst thing about Schleck’s chain problem yesterday isn’t that Contador sped past and took the yellow jersey, it’s that it’s being referred to as Chaingate.

I hope there’s some incident in the future involving famous people and a gate causing the majority of journalists to implode.

* The title is the obligatory Simpsons reference


Random, Short

As I looked along this image I thought great I’m very trustworthy, then I got to the 16th one.

That explains it


According to a trust worthy poll, by a reputable company in a reputable newspaper, or something like that, these are things women find attractive (bolding mine)

  1. Has facial stubble
  2. Is a bit geeky
  3. Has a hairy chest
  4. Avid book reader
  5. Cries at soppy films1
  6. Sings along to a song while dancing to it
  7. Grey hair
  8. Sweaty after workout2
  9. Wears glasses
  10. Has a passion for sports

That explains why my life is like a Lynx advert.

1 CSS3 selectors on the other hand…
2 It would be bolded, except I don’t work out3
3 If you’re not sweating after a work out your sweat glands aren’t working and you’re probably dead, consult your GP.

Has the internet taken the fun out of door-to-door fundamentalism?

Random, Science

It’s just with the internet you get to see new and completely ridiculous defences of creationism, the people who show up at your door are still going on about the odds of abiogenesis and using God-of-the-gaps arguments.

And generally English fundies aren’t as openly mental as their US counterparts so trying to trick them into saying something offensive doesn’t work.

A bigger threat than terrorism and other links

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Moans, Random, Short

More annoying than my iron problem why is the material that makes 99% of my trousers key-proof, but the pockets – where I keep my fucking keys, is not?

Things to buy


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