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A New Hope


I’m definitely going to win the fantasy football this year with this line up (which will be better if the unlikely rumour that Wenger’s buying Reina for £25m turns out to be true).

Jose Reina - Liverpool
Bacary Sagna - Arsenal
Thomas Vermaelen - Arsenal
Laurent Koscielny - Arsenal
Gael Clichy - Arsenal
Jack Wilshere - Arsenal
Andrei Arshavin - Arsenal
Cesc Fabregas - Arsenal
Theo Walcott - Arsenal
Robin van Persie - Arsenal
Marouane Chamakh - Arsenal

The aim of anyone from Whitchurch is of course to crush Basingstoke

Apple, Football

Thanks to the excellent community member Super Bladesman you can install a file and play any team in the top 10 levels of English football, so that includes Whitchurch United who I’ve got promoted to the Conference and most important done the below.


The only thing is that it thinks Longmeadow would fit 2000 people, which would be a bit of a squeeze, and also be 40-45% of the town’s population.

Some random sporting bits

Cricket, Football


Hampshire were fucking dire at Basingstoke last week, I stormed1 out before the end. But on the plus side we’ve signed Ajantha Mendis for next season, with Tahir coming back for 2011. If he gets a chance to play most of the season that could be very good.

In the Ashes England should’ve gone for
The 4 all-rounders give you some batting quality, but it looks like a typical Oval pitch and we’ve got to get 20 wickets so the 4 seamers and 2 spinners should cover than. And we really want to avoid a situation where we’re batting towards a declaration, ’cause we tend to be shit at that.


A great start for Arsenal, all this bollocks about finishing below City will look really stupid when we win the title this year.

But I won’t look stupid when I win the fantasy football this year. I’ll look stupid when I don’t.

1 well, ambled