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Read this article on whatever website matches your political bias (Telegraph, Guardian or Channel 4), it won’t make a difference. The fact is the government is trying to “charge £100 as an upfront fee to parents who wish to use the Child Support Agency in future” and “The CSA would levy 7-12 per cent of any monies collected before the money is passed on to the parent with care of the child/children”.

Luckily, and bafflingly, the millionaires in the House of Lords seem to understand the common man better than the millionaires in the House of commons so have voted it down, but still, to make it clear

MPs are trying to steal money from children

for fuck sake. With them trying to steal the NHS, steal our money and give it to bankers, dodging taxes, making the education system worse, ensuring young people can’t afford houses and will work their entire lives paying for other peoples pensions never reaching the ever increasing retirement age the rich nowadays really don’t seem to be very attached to their heads.