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Web Design

Jeremy Keith’s latest article is something that anyone reading this will realise I liked, especially the bit I’ve bolded in this quote.

Luke has famously advocated a mobile first approach to web development, which is a great way of focusing on what’s most important to deliver to the user. But don’t take it too literally. In some ways it would be equally viable to try out “print-stylesheet first” or any other “non-desktop environment first” strategy. The key point is that you’re thinking about the content first and foremost:

I think the only reasons not to have your print stylesheet be your main stylesheet (on a text heavy site) are finding stuff & adverts. For example here’s a recent article on The Walrus about Nucleon Plants1 and here’s the print version. For just reading the article the print version is better in every way, no pagination, no adverts2, no comments & no UI cruft. The only thing that sucks is finding other stuff on the site from that view

That’s why I’ve done the next thing/last thing/search box on this version of the site. Not perfect but a decent step & I expect most readers would be coming from RSS or Google, so probably don’t care about the rest of the site. But I should probably rip off the hand picked top articles from

1 “Miss work? But my life would be nothing without the nucleon plant.”
2 Walrus is a non-profit so it would be polite to look at their ads

And look what we’re stuck with


The wedding of Jordan’s Prince Ali in 2004 took place with a singular lack of fanfare, with an understated private ceremony and, in a move that some cash-strapped Britons might eye with envy, Prince Ali distributed the money that would have been spent on a big reception to hundreds of the country’s poorest families.

From this article on the worldwide coverage of my bonus day off watching the cricket (apparently something’s happening in London as well). Glad to know the media is insane everywhere not just here.

New Designs

Web Design

As you’ll see, outside of RSS, the site has a slight change. And I didn’t mention there’s a new And a nice work site that has a few cool bits of html/css

Liberté, égalité, fraternité


Following on from my previous business idea here’s a really good one. A tricolour burqa with


written across the front.

This would be a huge seller across the channel, and no French policeman could arrest you dressed in it.