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The funniest thing you’ll read all week (or possibly month)


“Dear Lib Dem voter
Your leadership has sold out and betrayed your traditions. I ask you to look again at Labour” – Ed Milliband

Is New Labour so fucking old they can’t even remember Clause 4? I hope the Communists stand in North West Hampshire next time, otherwise I might not ever get a chance to vote for a left-wing party.

(on the off chance anyone from Labour is looking at my blog to see if I’m an Entryist Trot, what a difference 6 years and a left wing leader make)


Web Design

Just upgraded the site to WordPress 3. A few cool things:

  • I’ve installed the WP-DBManager plugin, very usefully sends .zipped backups of your Database when you want.
  • And added WP Super Cache on the off chance I get fireballed
  • Best of all, I’ve simplified the design with v3 of my blog theme. The old version was much too busy.
  • This includes integrating every tweet I’ve ever done on every single pixel.

edit: damn, I’ve now tweeted so that joke no longer makes sense

A New Hope


I’m definitely going to win the fantasy football this year with this line up (which will be better if the unlikely rumour that Wenger’s buying Reina for £25m turns out to be true).

Jose Reina - Liverpool
Bacary Sagna - Arsenal
Thomas Vermaelen - Arsenal
Laurent Koscielny - Arsenal
Gael Clichy - Arsenal
Jack Wilshere - Arsenal
Andrei Arshavin - Arsenal
Cesc Fabregas - Arsenal
Theo Walcott - Arsenal
Robin van Persie - Arsenal
Marouane Chamakh - Arsenal