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That explains it


According to a trust worthy poll, by a reputable company in a reputable newspaper, or something like that, these are things women find attractive (bolding mine)

  1. Has facial stubble
  2. Is a bit geeky
  3. Has a hairy chest
  4. Avid book reader
  5. Cries at soppy films1
  6. Sings along to a song while dancing to it
  7. Grey hair
  8. Sweaty after workout2
  9. Wears glasses
  10. Has a passion for sports

That explains why my life is like a Lynx advert.

1 CSS3 selectors on the other hand…
2 It would be bolded, except I don’t work out3
3 If you’re not sweating after a work out your sweat glands aren’t working and you’re probably dead, consult your GP.

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