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A guide to Search Engine Optimisation for clients of web design companies

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A lot of clients who hire some designers to design & build their website will pay a third party for SEO, often too much relative to what their paying for the design and development. Here are the steps you need to follow for budgeting.

  1. Take the number of sales you make to Search Engine’s spiders (which is 0)
  2. Prefix it with your local currency’s symbol (for UK visitors £0)
  3. Spend that much on SEO
  4. Take the money you were going to spend on SEO and hire a copywriter.

Because good content is important, maybe if it was called Potential Customer Experience Optimisation (PCEO™) clients would pay silly money for it.

New Design

Web Design

There are 2 reasons for the new design

  1. I’m working at 5mm for the next couple of days and as there’s absolutely nothing planned in the tech world for that time I figured it would be interesting to talk about my use of CSS3 selectors.
  2. The old version was over designed…

Theres a few bugs in IE, who cares?

Has the internet taken the fun out of door-to-door fundamentalism?

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It’s just with the internet you get to see new and completely ridiculous defences of creationism, the people who show up at your door are still going on about the odds of abiogenesis and using God-of-the-gaps arguments.

And generally English fundies aren’t as openly mental as their US counterparts so trying to trick them into saying something offensive doesn’t work.


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Quix is an interesting looking bookmarklet that does OmniWeb’s search shortcuts and a load more, but it’s cross browser, including the iPhone. (watch the video and read the help page) [via].

Using a CD DVD cleaner in your slot loading MacBook Pro drive works


Well it did for me, and that Google baiting title is because there were mixed reports on whether the cleaning CDs worked or not. I used the Philips SAC2560W cleaner and apart from being very loud when it spins round it seems to work fine. The MBP had been increasing fussy about which DVDs to play, especially rentals which tend to be scratched, but the 4 I’ve played in the last few days have worked first time.

I’m definitely not liable if it breaks your computer

So, now that the snow’s melted…

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…will the people who said global warming isn’t happening now admit that it’s warmer than a week ago therefore we’re all going to die (at the current rate the temperature will have increased to over 200°C by the end of the year)?


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The recent snow meant my delivery from Tesco didn’t was cancelled, but 2 great things.

  1. They sent me a £10 off voucher, which is nice
  2. Their website has a ‘My recent orders’ section, I can add everything from the last order, with the correct quantities, in a few seconds.