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8600 reasons not to buy a MacBook Pro


Well, there’s actually one sadly my MBP is suffering from occasional blackouts on booting. On the plus side it’s a free fix out of warranty and I got to use the Genius Bar for the first time.

The trip included the least Apple-esque, but most Mac nerdery you can see in an external hard drive. The Steve would probably be unhappy that there’s an external drive which has a sticker with “GPU Test” printed on it, stuck on top of the previous sticker. But I enjoyed the fact the sticker was done in Myriad Pro.

The aim of anyone from Whitchurch is of course to crush Basingstoke

Apple, Football

Thanks to the excellent community member Super Bladesman you can install a file and play any team in the top 10 levels of English football, so that includes Whitchurch United who I’ve got promoted to the Conference and most important done the below.


The only thing is that it thinks Longmeadow would fit 2000 people, which would be a bit of a squeeze, and also be 40-45% of the town’s population.