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Neo Old Atheist

Moans, Science

Apparently “‘New’ Atheists” are middle class, university educated snobs. Which was a bit of a blow for me, I guess I could try and listen to uneducated people who believe in the religion their parents happened to force on them. But instead I’ve decided to label myself a Neo Old Atheist1

On the subject of atheism Jonathan Meades: Off Kilter, especially episode 2 is half-mad, half-insane brilliance. And it’s hard for me to praise a former foodie, architecture critic.

1 The schism between the old and new atheists is that old atheists don’t believe in a theistic god, and the new atheists don’t believe in a theistic god.


Moans, Random, Short

More annoying than my iron problem why is the material that makes 99% of my trousers key-proof, but the pockets – where I keep my fucking keys, is not?

WordPress upgrade

Internet, Short

With the talk of WordPress attacks I used the auto-upgrade thingy for the first time today, seems to work fine.

Edit: there was a slight search box problem, now fixed

So by OS 10.8 iCal will be better than it was in 10.4?


still haven’t installed Snow Leopard, but this note from TidBITS is promising

iCal’s New Inspector – Admittedly, this new feature feels more like a workaround hack than a solution, but we’ll take it. The Leopard version of iCal made editing events more difficult than in the Tiger version. To view details about an event, for example, you must double-click the event to reveal only some information in a pop-up box; you then need to click the Edit button (or know to press Command-E) to edit an item’s information. In contrast, iCal in Tiger provided an optional drawer to reveal and edit those details. In Snow Leopard, choose Edit > Show Inspector (or press Command-Option-I) to bring up a floating Inspector that provides an editable view of any items selected in your calendar. [JLC]