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It’s especially bad when the comments are paginated, so when you’re going from the last page to the first you just have to hope no-one adds a new comment.

You always want the oldest first so you can read it in order, so when someone refers to a previous comment you’ve already read it.

You never want the newest comments on a blog post or article first, here’s why…

Gordon Brown is a genius


It seems like an odd thing to say based on how unpopular he seems to be, but with Alan Johnson being the favourite to be the next Labour leader Brown just moved him to Home Secretary. Meaning within a month he’s become and ID card defending prick. Problem solved for Brown.

Bit of a bugger for the rest of us, this was a Tory poster in 1978, when a Labour government had about 2 million unemployed.


So as soon as the Tories got in unemployment went up to 3 million, and didn’t drop below 2 million again until Labour got back into power.

Still at least Labour aren’t imploding giving the Tories and easy victory at the next election and letting them fuck over the country for 18 years, we’re not stupid enough to let history repeat itself…