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Liveblog – Hants vs Sussex


10:20 – They finished 341-8, very good on a Rose Bowl wicket, unfortunately the weather’s looking completely miserable tomorrow so it looks like a 3 day game. And to the vandals who delayed my train home, fuck you.

5:04 – Ervine out for 109 off the unlikely bowling of Ed Joyce. And I’m off at the end of the next over to get the bus.

4:55 – Ervine’s century off 136 balls.

4:45 – The 100 partnership, 250 total and Pothas’s 50 all up in quick succession. Now 269/4

3:53 – Tea, Ervine got to his fifty with a six, now on 63. Pothas on 34 and they’re 224/4 off 64 overs, a good session for Hants.

3:31 – The 200 up off the 58th over, another quick 50, Ervine on 47, 205/4.

2:52 – 52 off the first 24 overs, 115 off the next 24. Ervine hit a flurry of fours to get up to 37.

2:34 – Adams out caught Prior bowled Aga. 145/4 in the 44th over.

2:16 – And Adams brings up his 50 with another 4. 110 balls, 7 fours and a six.

2:12 – Prior drops Adams on 37. Putting himself under pressure with all his rivals scoring runs. Adams now on 46.

2:00 – The hundred up with 4 byes 101/3.

1:50 – Just after lunch Benham out to a poor shot. Caught Hamilton-Brown bowled Martin-Jenkins (a pain to type on the iPhone).

12:51 – Just after the 50 partnership Lumb caught Prior off Wright for 30. Now 81/2.

12:45 – A six for Adams to the longest boundry. Now 73/1 23 off the last 4 and a bit overs.

12:32 – They finally get to 50 off 24 overs. Not exactly IPL pace.

11:46 – it was a great catch by Hodd off Martin-Jenkins. And Lumb was nearly caught in the slips on 1.

11:36 – Carberry’s just got out, 26/1 in the 10th over.

A great quote on Google Street View


Well the title should be “A ‘great’ quote on Google Street View”, from Dr Ian Brown on this BBC article.

“So far, the breaches have just been embarrassing – someone being sick, someone else leaving a sex shop – but its possible someone could find themselves being unfairly divorced because an innocent image could be interpreted wrongly.”

If you’re getting divorced over a picture on Street View your marriage was probably fucked anyway. And with all the dodgy stuff the governments been doing with peoples privacy complaining about pictures taken from a public place is a bit ridiculous (also if you don’t want to be seen leaving a sex shop either don’t go in, or go in and don’t leave).

A simple solution to a complex problem

Internet, Moans

Merlin Mann posted an interesting polemic on the recent AllThingsD kerfuffle. I was going to try something satirical and quote the post in its entirety, but instead will offer a bit of advice on blogging and how to stop people nicking your shit. The trick is to libel people running large PLCs by calling them bastards Dow Jones definitely won’t be ‘complimenting’ my recent posts.

Third time lucky

Local News, Moans

After their previous attempts to close the Whitchurch sorting office Adam Crozier and his cabal of money grabbing bastards have finally achieved it. And showing that I’m not cynical enough they laid the foundations with their failed 2005 bid to close it.

It’s clear now that they decided in 2005 to close the office, and were never going to change their minds, just delay it until the anger had diminished1. In 2005 they sold the building, to emphasise – THEY SOLD THE BUILDING, and leased it out after that for £10,000 a year. How the hell does that make sense? It doesn’t, it was merely a way to justify an economic case in the future.

They’re also still claiming the one large truck taken off the road will save money compared to small trucks going to Basingstoke and back, I find it hard to believe, if it was cheaper they’d already be doing it, but they’re not.

Still the ‘good’ news is that they’re waiving the 50p charge to collect anything from the Post Office. So lets look at why that’s a shit idea from someone who’s clearly an out-of-towner. First the obvious bits.

  • You have to phone before 5pm to arrange a redelivery, so you won’t be able to sort it out when you get back from work, it’ll have to be the next morning
  • And by the next morning you wont be able to re-arrange the delivery for that day, so it would have to be the day after
  • Or you can arrange for the post office collection, which has the same problem as above, but you can’t collect until after midday

So these are the obvious issues everyone faces, now the Whitchurch-centric bits. One of the great things with the sorting office were the opening times, from 6:30 to 12:30 (IIRC). So although you couldn’t get get them after work, you could go down in the morning or go for lunch at 12 and walk quickly down the town. At least you had those choices. The Post Office opens somewhen, I’m not sure exactly and neither are the Royal Mail. The times are not on their website, but I’m pretty sure it’s 9-5. So you can’t go before or after work, but you might be able to get there at lunch. If there isn’t a queue, which there always is because it’s a Post Office, not a sorting office.

Except it isn’t a Post Office, here’s the kicker, it’s a fucking cupboard in the back of a fucking Tesco express. At the moment there’s barely enough room for the 2 members of staff, the stuff they need in there and the post to go out. They won’t have a change of fitting in even 10% of the deliveries that come from the sorting office. So how will they inform you that the parcel you’ve arranged to collect after 12 isn’t there? Almost definitely by telling you it isn’t there after you’ve queued for ages to get it. And the queuing won’t be fun, there is only just room for a 1 person queue, any more than that and you get in someone’s way when they’re trying to shop. a 5 person queue fills up half an aisle and will piss off shoppers, post office users and most importantly Tesco.

I’m not taking bets on the Post Office being open in 3 years. It won’t be.

1 It’s the New Labour theory of anger if you fuck up often enough people will get tired of being angry at you (see: Iraq war, the Terrorism act, RIP act, Student fees, Peter Mandelson, more privatisation, special rendition, ID cards etc…)


House, Moans

iron.jpgWhy do irons have crappy cords that kink everywhere & catch in the ironing board? The MBP, hoover, microwave, even the fucking blender has a cable more suited to moving the way you move an iron.

So why is the iron alone with this type of cord, and to annoy me even more no where to store it?